Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wanna be redhead!

So what is wrong with this picture? A couple months ago I saw my friend Brittany, who obviously is not a redhead. I've actually known Brittany since she was a little bitty baby. So we were catching up with each other's lives and Brittany said I'll give you my buisness card! Brittany is an actor and a singer and her business is called 'Chameleon Comedy.' She does improv, stand-up, sketches, parites and events. So I checked out the pic on her business card...can you see it-- her chameleon alter ego is a redhead! Wow! I said, "Brit! You're really a redhead! You can be on my blog!" So if you need an adorable african american redhead to tell jokes at your next party...she's the redhead for you! http://chameleoncomedy.webs.com/

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