Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The newest, sweetest, bestest redhead of all!

Yes! He is a redhead!
WOW! My grandson John Rowan Shelley was born today... What a thrill! He will be called Rowan which means red! Hard to describe the awesome thrill it was to see him for the first time! We thank God for his many blessings in our lives...and now we have another one in Rowan! By the way...the origin of his name is Gaelic and means "rugged little redhead!"


Red Randall said...

That is my boy! today is April 20th and Rowan is doing so well. Hes eating every 2-3 hours and sleeping when hes not eating.

Nice blog Red Dawn!

lewbella said...

Rowan is my favorite red head for sure! I'm sure you won't mind ;)