Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Red Baby Fever...Kelly!

So my redheaded daughter Maryam is having a (hopefully) redheaded baby boy in July. So we went to Babies R Us the other day to create the redheaded baby registry. I spotted a redheaded mom, Kelly, in line with her cute little NOT redheaded daughter. I told Maryam, "I'm gonna go make a new redheaded friend!" She kind of rolled her eyes but she thought it was cool when I made friends with Kelly. I snapped our pic and gave Kelly my moocard. Hi Kelly! So as Kelly was leaving the store we were sitting at the baby registry and Kelly got my attention with ,"Bye Dawn, nice meeting you!" That was nice. Redheads are really nice, yes they are! Kelly hopes to be having a redheaded child in the fall!

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