Friday, August 12, 2011

Three reds at a wedding.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Redheads in Paris

Kimberly is a lovely American student in Paris. I imagine her dancing her way lithely along the quays of the Seine, making Audrey Hepburn wish she had been a redhead, or at the very least auburn-haired, as an attractively built Gene Kelly look-alike tries to win her favor. Ahhhhhh... the pleasures of Paris. I met her at the most touristy place in place, the Artist's square in Montmartre where artists sell their creations and other artists follow you around begging you to allow them to "make your picture, eet ees a tradition!" She's really pretty and really sweet. Says she hardly ever sees redheaded women in Paris, just men. I agreed. The only redheaded women I saw were bad bottle reds who matched their color to one Bozo the clown. Nightmarish! In any case I hope Kimberley enjoys the rest of her stay in Gay Paree!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rouge Francais

I went to Paris! Oooolala! I visited with my adorable and adoring husband. What a city! I now understand why Parisians look down their noses at other city folk, but I was on the hunt for Redheads and truthfully was pretty disappointed in the lack thereof. Our visit was coming to an end and I started to get a little desperate!  But on the last day I spotted Ian in Montmartre, just a few blocks away from the Moulin Rouge (the Red Windmill..which is extremely tacky in real life) and voila what a find! He was tall, red and curly... the trifecta really in redheads! He spoke little English, I struggled along in French/Spanish, he smiled a little weird (because I'm pretty weird) , he nodded a lot, we took the picture. I was super happy at that point and then he and his girlfriend spent the next few minutes studying my redaintdead calling card. Merci beaucoup Ian!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow wonder!

I met Clarisse at Northstar Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe.  I was walking around the ice rink with my mom who exclaimed, " Dawn, there's a really great redhead right over there!" So I followed my mother's advice and hurried over to where Clarisse was skating with her friends. She readily agreed to join redaintdead so I took my ski helmet off (safety before fashion always!) and freed my recently flat ironed red hair from its ponytail and cozied up to Clarisse. Doesn't she have THE most gorgeous red hair????!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day Redheads

Well today I actually stalked a redhead! I had just finished loading my Trader Joe's groceries into my car when I spied this super bright redhead walking through the parking lot. I hesitate chasing after redheads walking with a purpose, and I literally paced the parking lot trying to decide just how far I should go in my pursuit of redhead pics, but his red hair was just irresistible! They were friendly redheads, naturally.  Matthew and his mom Wendy and I shared some redheaded fun, while Matthew's brunette sister snapped the pic. "So what did you think of the inauguration?" I asked.  "I didn't watch it," Matthew replied, "I went bowling instead!" that got me to thinking, "have there been any redheaded Presidents, because if there haven't, there's really something fishy going on in American politics, haruuuuumph!" So I went home and looked it up! There have been seven redheaded presidents, that's 16%!  Thomas Jefferson was the reddest, followed by George Washington and five others including WWII hero Dwight Eisenhower.  Guess I had never thought about it before because all their photos are taken when they're old and gray!  Boy was I relieved I didn't have to go on a campaign to get a redhead into the White House!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarah... Smile!

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah....So I'm visiting my sister Juliet in Colorado and we're at PeiWei, this chinese place.  We're all sitting there eating and in walks this gal with very bright red curly hair (no justice in the photo sadly) with a couple of her friends.  "Red Alert! " cry my family in unison.  "Hey Aunt Dawn, you gotta get a picture of her, she looks just like you!" says Lewis, my adorable nephew.  Meanwhile, I'm thinking , "yeah, I definitely need her in the blog, but she looks super high strung, very cranky and preoccupied, and who knows, maybe even a little...crazy?!?!? (did I mention she looks just like me?) So I waited until they got their food (I think her blood sugar was just a tad too low :) and she looked considerably calmer, so I took a deep breath, grabbed a calling card and my camera and sidled up to her table.  "Oh sure!" was her reply when I explained about redaintdead.  I grabbed my glasses so we could look like twins, and snapped the photo. Then I asked, "So what was it like for you growing up red?" Sarah blurted out unnecessarily loudly, "SH***Y! of course!" Well maybe she's not so much like me, because I would never use a word like that! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Redheaded Bros

These redheaded brothers, Dustin and Cole were vacationing on the Garden Isle of Kauai from somewhere cold (so was I, obviously). They were avoiding the sun's harmful rays, as was I, so naturally we struck up a conversation about what it's like to be redheaded high school boys. "The girls really like our red hair, they commented." I asked, "Do you have any redheaded girlfriends?" The thoughtful reply was, "No, not yet." 
"Well, it's okay to date outside your hair color," I advised blithely, "But if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, get a redhead to marry you." 
"Of course!" was their reply. Redheads are just so very smart and practical!