Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rouge Francais

I went to Paris! Oooolala! I visited with my adorable and adoring husband. What a city! I now understand why Parisians look down their noses at other city folk, but I was on the hunt for Redheads and truthfully was pretty disappointed in the lack thereof. Our visit was coming to an end and I started to get a little desperate!  But on the last day I spotted Ian in Montmartre, just a few blocks away from the Moulin Rouge (the Red Windmill..which is extremely tacky in real life) and voila what a find! He was tall, red and curly... the trifecta really in redheads! He spoke little English, I struggled along in French/Spanish, he smiled a little weird (because I'm pretty weird) , he nodded a lot, we took the picture. I was super happy at that point and then he and his girlfriend spent the next few minutes studying my redaintdead calling card. Merci beaucoup Ian!


May Shelley said...

4:55 am mom! You must be jet lagged still! You aren't weird at all...but that is coming from another person who has been known for being a bit weird. Love you!

Amy Shelley said...

I am loving the post, keep it coming!