Sunday, April 12, 2009

Redheads in Paris

Kimberly is a lovely American student in Paris. I imagine her dancing her way lithely along the quays of the Seine, making Audrey Hepburn wish she had been a redhead, or at the very least auburn-haired, as an attractively built Gene Kelly look-alike tries to win her favor. Ahhhhhh... the pleasures of Paris. I met her at the most touristy place in place, the Artist's square in Montmartre where artists sell their creations and other artists follow you around begging you to allow them to "make your picture, eet ees a tradition!" She's really pretty and really sweet. Says she hardly ever sees redheaded women in Paris, just men. I agreed. The only redheaded women I saw were bad bottle reds who matched their color to one Bozo the clown. Nightmarish! In any case I hope Kimberley enjoys the rest of her stay in Gay Paree!

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George said...

The heads were definitely turning in Montmartre that day!