Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day Redheads

Well today I actually stalked a redhead! I had just finished loading my Trader Joe's groceries into my car when I spied this super bright redhead walking through the parking lot. I hesitate chasing after redheads walking with a purpose, and I literally paced the parking lot trying to decide just how far I should go in my pursuit of redhead pics, but his red hair was just irresistible! They were friendly redheads, naturally.  Matthew and his mom Wendy and I shared some redheaded fun, while Matthew's brunette sister snapped the pic. "So what did you think of the inauguration?" I asked.  "I didn't watch it," Matthew replied, "I went bowling instead!" Hmmmm....so that got me to thinking, "have there been any redheaded Presidents, because if there haven't, there's really something fishy going on in American politics, haruuuuumph!" So I went home and looked it up! There have been seven redheaded presidents, that's 16%!  Thomas Jefferson was the reddest, followed by George Washington and five others including WWII hero Dwight Eisenhower.  Guess I had never thought about it before because all their photos are taken when they're old and gray!  Boy was I relieved I didn't have to go on a campaign to get a redhead into the White House!


May Shelley said...

What happened to not stopping with redheads walking with a purpose?!?! That's an amazing fact. If the entry below didn't have a swear word I would share the blog with my kids as an amazing fact. Love you mom!

Red Dawn said...

is haruuuuuumph a swear word???????

Nabil said...

Dawn Im loving all the new posts! Youre a great writer too.