Friday, July 25, 2008

Red Pride!

Meet "Red Bean!" She ran in to the Redaintdead street team at Google central. Hey guess what...she already knew about Redaintdead before we found her!  Niiiiiice!  Anyway she has a redheaded mom, a redheaded brother and even a redheaded roommate!  Golly Red Bean your fellow redheads are rooting for a redheaded husband!  I love your hair!  Her redheaded brother is named Trafton, which, she quickly pointed out is "not fart" spelled backwards.  Something tells me he doesn't live up to that moniker! OK Red Bean, spread the word that Redaintdead! Any chance of gathering all the redheads who work at Google for a pic???????


Shirin said...

Actually Dawn, I do know of some redheads at Google that I would like to get on your blog! Consider me an honorary member of your street team :)

p.s. Hi, I'm a friend of your daughters. We've never met, but I love your blog! Oh, I also have a red dog named "Reddi." If you're interested in getting pooches on here, I can send you a pic. May and Amy have my contact info if you're interested hehehe

Red Dawn said...

HI Shirin...oh yes my dear... Reddi the redheaded pooch would be welcome on the blog! I can pair that pic up with a photo of my own redheaded beagle mix, in Little Orphan! What hound fun!

Let's get a google reds photo for sure..that would be fantastic!

We welcome all street teamers...I even have a street team in Haifa!

Maren said...

This is the happiest day of my life. Thank you for featuring me on your blog. I want to get all my redheaded family and friends on here, too!

Red Dawn said...

Wow! That makes me sooooo happy Maren! I would be honored to post a photo of you with all your redheaded family for sure! Thanks for the Redheaded Mongolians tip...that is sooooo crazy!