Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Ben

So I was really beginning to worry about redheaded guys. I know the redaintdead tagline is "Uniting Redheads from all over the World" but it was beginning to feel like the redheads were all girls! So, inspired by the post "Blonde's Redheaded Wish Comes True" from which I learned that if you wish red hard enough it will definitely come true, I started wishing to meet guy redheads. And believe it or not, recently that's all I've been meeting! I spotted Ben eating and chatting with a friend and when I told him about my redheaded website he seemed a little leery at first. "Oh no," I thought, "don't tell me the redheaded guys are going to play hard to get!" But Ben relaxed when his friend said "Cool!" Whew! that was a close one! Turns out Ben is from Canada and played baseball at the University of British Columbia, where he was a catcher. Thanks Ben for being such a good sport!

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