Monday, June 2, 2008

Red Mango Redheads Know What they Want!

So the latest yogurt haunt of my not red twin daughters, Amy and May, is called Red Mango, move over Fraiche! The redaintdead street team visited Red Mango the other day and dropped off the redaintdead calling card. They returned today and were greeted by a very miffed Red Mango redheaded employee named Arielle (yes, like the redheaded little mermaid) who quite rightly demanded, "Hey, I'm a redhead and I work at Red Mango. So why am I not on redaintdead?" Well, I got a 911 call from the street team, and agreed with Arielle immediately. "Get me a photo post haste!" The street team never lets me down...So Arielle here it is! You're the first redhead on redaintdead without me!


Red Randall said...

Arielle! Welcome to red aignt dead! This is your home! So from one redhead to another i welcome you to your home!


Ghetto Blaster said...

Dawn! i love redheads and red mango :)

with blogging love,

Pedraum said...

I was there with the Street Team when initial contact was made and it was moving.

Red Dawn said...

Naturally Pedraum, contact with redheads is always moving, soul-stirring really! Thanks for posting!