Thursday, May 1, 2008

Redheads work at ChickFila!

So the big news yesterday was that I got signed off on my master's thesis! Yippeee! After 2 1/2 years, including 9 months of torturous thesis writing (126 stinkin' pages) this redhead is now a Master of Education. The Rocket (that's my husband) says I've been his Master for 30 years, but now I have the paperwork to prove it! So my reward to self was to drive thru ChickFila and sit in my car listening to Mozart and savor a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, diet coke and the most delicious vanilla shake on the planet. And that's when I met Jessica! I pulled up to the window and I said, "Wow! I like your hair!" She replied, "I like yours too." So I jumped out of my car and snapped this pic at the drive thru window! "Thanks," said Jessica, "You made my day!" I know exactly what she means :)

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