Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fraiche Reds

So Fraiche is this super popular yogurt hut in Palo Alto. I stopped there with my redaintdead street team. Caitlin (in the middle) was taking a break from piling mocchi balls on yogurt mini mountains when she met me! She goes to high school and seemed a little afraid of me at first. Maybe that's becauase she was talking to a cute boy, not a redhead, and I said "so, see you can't marry him, he's not a redhead." I think she thought I was a little weird and only agreed to have her picture taken with me because two of my street teamers were regulars at the shop. But then her friend JULIA walked up and when she heard about redaintdead she got soooo excited and loudly exclaimed," Wow! I have never been more proud to be a redhead!" well, I thought, that's more like it! Let's hear it for the Fraiche reds!

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