Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Red Headed Kin

The following display of redness comes from my eldest red-headed son's wedding. My red headed son actually married the very rare type of red-head, the "red-headed Mexican." My gingered male kin and his red headed Latina are expecting their first fruit of their red-headed labor on April 20th. This not only brings great joy to me since I will be a Grandmother, but it will be the ultimate test to see if a red-headed Irish Italian and red-headed Mexican will bear a child of the superior red-headed breed. I have looked into the latest technology of ultra-sound machines and although technology has made leaps and bounds...they are yet to create an ultrasound that can detect red headed babies. Until ultrasound technology gets their bum in gear, we will just have to wait until April 20th to see if we will blessed with a red-headed child.

Getting back on track, this picture is of my "strawberry blonde" daughter and my two nieces.
Long live the red heads!

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George said...

Hahahaha I married the rare red-headed Mexican too!